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Nutramin for all Animals

Nutramin for all Animals



NUTRAMIN’s External Applications

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Besides the multitude of beneficial effects that ingesting NUTRAMIN internally provides, it can also be used “externally“, in many different applications to successfully treat many different ailments and injuries.


NUTRAMIN can be used to provide first aid to cuts lesions or wounds. To treat wounds or lesions of the skin, mix NUTRAMIN with a small amount of water, to the consistency of a thick, paste, and then spread it over the affected area or areas. The NUTRAMIN paste can be applied with cotton, Q-tips or a small piece of cloth and should be administered at least twice a day to the affected area or areas, for at least 3 to 5 days.


To achieve the best results, you should allow the paste to dry over the affected areas between applications. Moisten it with a liberal amount of warm water to remove it before the next application or if it becomes necessary to remove the dried paste before then. 


If the skin lesion or wound is moist, use only the dry product. Carefully sprinkle the product on to the affected moist area of skin, until it is completely covered. This will not only dry up the moisture, it will help reduce itching, provide antibacterial action and will also deliver micronutrients directly to the affected area. This will help repair the damaged keratin layer of skin. Apply the dry product twice daily until the moisture has dried up and the  irritation has stopped.




NUTRAMIN can also be used as a dental supplement. It’s antibacterial and antitoxin action will help maintain healthy gums as well as restoring balance to already infected gums. It will also protect the oral region against toxins that sometimes occur in pet foods and can prove to be detrimental to the teeth, gums and the oral cavity.


NUTRAMIN will also reduce the roughened surfaces of the teeth caused by plaque buildup. The roughened surfaces allow the retention of food particles along with their associated bacterial breakdown which causes bad breath and often decay.


Due to its granular nature, NUTRAMIN not only helps with reducing the development of plaque, but also aids in keeping  tooth enamel cleaner and whiter. NUTRAMIN is easily applied with a wet tooth brush, wet piece of material, or Q tips. A small amount of a pet tooth paste can also be applied to the wet tooth brush, along with the NUTRAMIN, to further assist the polishing of the teeth.


Once the teeth and gums have been treated, a small amount of water can be carefully applied to the mouth and gums, causing the remaining NUTRAMIN to be swallowed and ingested. This will allow the  micronutrients to enter the digestive tract of your dog or cat.


To achieve maximum protection for your pet’s teeth, gums and oral cavity, NUTRAMIN should be added to your pet’s food and/or in your pet’s water. These micronutrients not only aid in digestion and help in creating, a more complete absorption of normal foods, vitamins and supplements, but they also aid in removing toxins, pathogens, and many other harmful elements that may occur in your pet’s food. 




NUTAMIN is a completely natural product that helps normalize digestive system disorders. These disorders may range from simple increased digestive sounds to actual gas production. It also soothes irritation, aids acid reflex, reduces mucous coated stools and treats diarrhea.


NUTRAMIN contains natural, soothing kaolin which aids in calming the digestive system while it returns to normal. Why use synthetic drugs which include man made products containing kaolin? NUTRAMIN contains the real thing along with other natural micronutrients.


NUTRAMIN’s  soothing effect is very important in treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome. At the same time NUTRAMIN assists the absorption of other ingested products such as; foods, supplements or vitamins. This absorption helps the dog and or cat maximize the positive effects of available nutrients on their bodies. This, not only strengthens the various systems in the body but also helps to provide more calories for the dog and cat that  just can’t seem to absorb their food properly.


Enhancing the absorption of your animal’s food, usually means that less food is needed to maintain their health and vitality. This not only allows the owner to save financially, by purchasing less pet food, it also helps reduce the amount of stool the owner will have to retrieve and throw away.


Even more important, the micronutrients contained in NUTRAMIN, are critical in removing toxins, pathogens, and many other harmful elements that lay hidden in the processed food additives supplied to our pet food manufactures from unregulated and unlicensed foreign manufacturers. NUTRAMIN also protects your pet’s liver by reducing the toxins that can permanently damage it.




NUTRAMIN contains high levels of calcium in a chelated form and is a highly important micronutrient, necessary for maintaining healthy bones and teeth for all ages including providing healthy bone growth in kittens and puppies.


Those pet owners who have large breed puppies and are afraid that calcium supplementation may cause excessive bone growth that may lead to malformed bones, do not have that concern when supplementing with NUTRAMIN. The calcium needed for proper bone growth is provided in a chelated form in NUTRAMIN. This allows the body of each individual pet to determine and absorb only the minerals and the amounts it actually needs.


Providing proper amounts of chelated calcium is vital to the healthy development for the embryos in a pregnant pet. Not only are the offspring healthier and stronger at the time of birth, but calcium levels, do not drop in the mother, they remain normal which allows  better milk production.


NUTRAMIN also assists the healing of all kinds of tissue damage, whether involving ligaments, tendons, bones or various other types of soft tissue. NUTRAMIN enhances healing following surgical procedures done on bones and on soft tissue. Its antibacterial action also reduces infections that commonly occur following surgery.


NUTRAMIN will also help those pets that have diminished bone density, usually referred to as osteoporosis and may be used to help stop the bone loss that may occur with diseases of the kidneys. NUTRAMIN has also been used successfully to treat and diminish the effects of many types of arthritis. 




NUTRAMIN also aids in the treatment of feet, pads and nail diseases in dogs and cats. NUTRAMIN can be used on your pet’s feet for any abrasions or areas of inflamed skin, whether due to allergy, insect bites chemical burns or fertilizer burns. Not only does the NUTRAMIN provide relief, but it’s antibacterial action will help stop bacterial infections from developing within the damaged tissue. At the same NUTRAMIN will provide those necessary micronutrients needed to support healing of the keratin layer of the skin.


Nail bed infections which occur from a fungus or bacteria, will respond well to NUTRAMIN’s antibacterial and natural dehydrating properties. These properties often stop further growth of that fungus by drying it out. An interdigital cyst can often be helped by NUTRAMIN’s ability to withdraw fluid from this type of lesion while, at the same time, providing antibacterial action.


Once ingrown nails have been removed, swelling at the puncture site and damage to the nail bed can be reduced by the application of a NUTRAMIN paste.  NUTRAMIN can also be used to help heal abscesses due to dog or cat bites. Many times, if an abscess has not ruptured, NUTRAMIN, applied as a poultice, has the ability to bring the abscess fluids to the surface of the skin for quicker draining and removal.


To prepare NUTRAMIN as a soak, mix approximately three  tablespoons of NUTRAMIN in two cups of warm water, and soak your pet’s foot in this solution for at least 10 minutes, twice a day, for 7 days. When you remove your pet’s foot from this solution, partially dry the foot and make a paste, using a small amount of water added to the NUTRAMIN powder. Apply this paste to the damaged site and allow this paste to dry and remain there between soaks.


You need not worry if your pet licks and swallows the NUTRAMIN. The ingested natural product will supply those micronutrients that not only aid in digestion and help in creating a more complete absorption of normal foods, vitamins and supplements, but also aids in removing toxins, pathogens and many other harmful elements in diets, that may occur in your pet’s food.

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